OPTIMA Network Measurement Training

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In 2019 Internews developed its OPTIMA Network Measurement Training in collaboration with leading network measurement tool teams and experts. The training is designed for activists both technical and non-technical alike to learn the basics of how to conduct research to document and verify how, when and where an internet shutdown is happening. Users learn to collect, analyze, and document open-source Internet measurement data to inform and strengthen their advocacy efforts around Internet shutdowns.

This course is not exhaustive – there are many data sources and methods used to document shutdowns. The training serves only as an introduction to conducting network measurements on how to use three of the most common open-source internet measurement tools and datasets – OONI, MLab, and IODA. Through the training, you will get an overview of these tools and datasets, learn how to collect and analyze your own data, discuss how to use measurement data to document shutdowns, and get one-on-one time with trainers to build stronger networks and begin exploring plans for how to incorporate some of these methods into your advocacy.