Legal Guide for Network Disruptions in Ethiopia

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Author: Kinfe Micheal Yilma, PHD

This Legal Guide provides legal guidance to new telecom operators as well as civil society groups on the country’s legal framework governing network disruptions. Beyond civil society actors that might wish to push litigation after the fact, the Legal Guide offers clarity about when and how network disruptions may be legally justified. In this way,. the report outlines the permissible grounds and preconditions for network disruptions. The Legal Guide also details the ways in which key stakeholders, namely, relevant government bodies, civil society groups and the private sector, may take steps in predicting, preventing and responding to network disruptions. Recurrent network disruptions in Ethiopia often cause outrage but there appears to be little awareness as to who should/could do what in attending to such a recurring problem. In this regard, the Legal Guide bring some much needed clarity on the respective institutional roles of key stakeholders.

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